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The best restaurants in Tallinn 2022

Tallinn is a wonderful city to find good eats, but where there? I do my best to help you: this is my list of the best restaurants in Tallinn 2022. 

Many of the most prestigious media in the world have been quoted on the Tallinn restaurant scene. The Guardian was keen on comparing the dining experience of the Estonian capital even in Copenhagen and Noma, one of Europe’s most notorious restaurants in the world.

So both The Guardian as well as many other medias praise how so many good restaurants can be found in such a small town. The are particularly enthusiastic about the fact that the price level is at its best something very different to the other European capitals. So are the best restaurants in Tallinn at the same time the best in Europe?

I give my best shot and introduce all the wonderful places I’ve tested and liked:

taidetta ravintola annon seinällä

Best restaurants in Tallinn – why these?

The list of the best restaurants in Tallinn is completely subjective, and does not meet any Michelin, White Guide, or other professional listings. The criteria are my own, but I think many others choose their favorite restaurants on the same basis.

I think a good restaurant experience consists of many different things. Criteria for my list of the best restaurants in Tallinn:

  • Food is good. Well prepared, interesting to taste, local, ethnic… I’m omnivorous, so no “idontlikethisandthat” does not affect the list. So good is different in different places: sometimes a great gourmet, sometimes tasty street food.
  • The restaurant has an nice atmosphere. Comfortable lighting, cool furnishings, good music … access to my list may sometimes be granted by things not related to food. The same reasons can also be an obstacle: if there is no proper mood, there is no access to my list.
  • The price is reasonable. There may be a few places on the more expensive side, but generally I like the fact that eating out is somehow reasonably priced, as there still is a lot of places with inexpensive menus in Tallinn!
  • Profit is not made with wine. This is becoming more common in Tallinn as well: food can be reasonably priced, but the profit is being made with the wine prices. I don’t appreciate places that size the wine glass by 12 cl and the price of that glass is 7 euros and up.

So here we go. Stay on board and please comment!

Tallinnan vanhassa kaupungissa ravintola Stenhusin terassi

Best Restaurants in Tallinn 2022: all time favorites

These are the places I go back to over and over again. The ones that don’t disappoint – they are like old friends.

  • The Rataskaevu 16 has been on the number one in Tripadvisor as long as I remember. And no wonder, as it is everything a good restaurant should be: good food, despite its popularity, low prices, cozy interior and extremely pleasant service. Plus, the wines are reasonably priced. Here is photos of Rataskaevu 16, menus and other info on their own website. Rataskaevu on Google map.
  • F-hoone in Telliskivi. Despite their popularity, prices have remained affordable. The place opens every day at 9 am and is open for the night, so this is a perfect spot for breakfast, (very cheap) lunch as well as for an evening bar tour. Pictures of F-hoone here (text in Finnish), the restaurant’s own pages here, map link here.

And the list of best restaurants in Tallinn goes on…

  • Von Krahli Aed. Another favorite at Rataskaevu street (the best restaurant street in Tallinn). All dishes are available either vegan or with meat/fish. Great concept. Von Krahl’s window table maybe the coziest in the Old Town! Here you will find the restaurant’s web pages, map link here.
  • Pööbel is both a relaxed bar and a good gastropub. A super-cool interior, good music and a relaxed vibe makes this a place I often find myself in. Food may not be great, but definitely not bad either. There are a few other nice places in the neighborhood (such as Kalambuur and Hotokas restaurant). Here you will find the Sooloiluja blog post of Pööbel, and the restaurant’s own site here. Pööbel is here on map.
NoKu baari ja klubi Tallinnan vanhassa kaupungissa

Noku is hidden from the hustle and bustle of the street. Only the one who knows the door code will open the red-colored door. Well deserved place on my best restaurants in Tallinn list.

Funky interiors and wonderful food

  • Manna la Roosa is a restaurant and a bar, but the biggest thing about the place is its incredibly cozy interior – the weight in the word incredible! I’m not even going to describe it, because this restaurant needs to be experienced. The bar serves good drinks. Prices are not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. Manna la Roosa’s web pages are here and map link here.
  • There is another place worth seeing from the upstairs of Manna la Roosa (map link). It’s called Tai Boh. Same owners have a third place called Tabula Rasa in different location in old town. Both have a place in my list and in my heart, but they can be found under different category of my list.
  • OneSixty could also be on the “new acquaintances” list, but it became a favorite right away. The reason is delicious and well-prepared barbeque food, cozy décor and excellent service. There may be a risk of food running out as they only prepare a certain amount each day. Here is pictures of One Sixty (text only in Finnish). On OneSixty’s website you can check out the menu and the opening hours, on the map the place is here.

Do you find this site useful? If you do, you can support it financially – with no extra cost! Just book your accommodation here:
kaja ravintolan pizzakokki
OneSixty on Balti Jaam torin ja Telliskiven välissä

Kaja pizza kitchen and OneSixty are places owned by the same, very cool looking and innovative group of people. Both places got quickly to my favorites list.

  • Kaja Pizzaköök in the Pelgulinna district (map link) has grown to be small culinary cult. The place is owned by the same people as OneSixty, and here, too, the food can run out. They only make a certain amount of pizza dough per day, and when it is gone it’s gone: they close the doors and come back the following day. As the interior is relaxed and pizzas delicious, Kaja has quickly become one of my favorite places. That’s why it got it’s own post in my blog. You can find the menu and other facts on their own pages.

A few more favorite restaurants in Tallinn…

  • Pegasus has the same owners as Rataskaevu 16. Maybe that’s why the same type of things raises these two places among my long-time favorites: a cozy interior, great views through the big windows, delicious and reasonably priced food. The list of Tallinn’s best restaurants would be much shorted without these owners’ places. On their web pages you will find opening hours, contacts and menus. Here is a map link.
  • Restaurant Moon is also definitely one of my all time favorites. Moon has an excellent modern food concept built on a Slavic / Russian foundation. The place is very popular, so it is recommended to make a reservation if you want to get a taste of the excellent blinis or the borscht soup. The same owners have a couple of other popular places: Mantel & Korsten in Kadriorg and Kolm Sibulat in Pelgulinn. Kohvik Moon’s web site here. Moon in here on the map.
Von Krahli Aed Tallinnassa
Von Krahli Aed on Rataskaevu Street – right next to my Airbnb!
airbnb tallinn old town
Click the image to book my cozy attic on Airbnb! I would love to host you.

These, too, could be on my all time favorite restaurants list

However, I do not write more about them now, I just mention the names. Check out their websites and visit yourself!

  • Vegan V: great vegan restaurant. I’m not vegan myself, but still return to this place often. Beetroot tortellini starter… mmm! Vegan V on map.
  • Kohvik Boheem: cheap classic, nice place I especially choose for breakfast. Boheem on map.
  • Kivi Paber Käärid: all gluten free, but very tasty food that suits everyone. KPK on map.
  • St. Vitus: Same owners as Pööbel. Check out the pictures of this cozy place close to Telliskivi (map).

By the way, I have a map called “Henna’s Tallinn: the best food” on Google. I have saved all these favorite places of mine on it. The map is public, so you can save and start using it! 

tai bohin kattokruunussa on käsivarsia
kanavarras tabula rasa ravintolassa

New restaurants in Tallinn

New restaurants pop up in Tallinn like mushrooms after an autumn rain. Many of these will be moved to my all time favorites list at some point, but will now be kept under their own new restaurants title, as not everyone has yet visited them:

  • There is same people again behind this place than Rataskaevu 16 and Pegasus: Ülo is the newest member of the family. And same owners seems to mean similar vibe: friendly service, really tasty food and an interior that really pleases the eyes. Opened in early summer 2018, it has already became very popular. The menu mainly vegetarian with some exceptions. You can find the list on Ülo’s Facebook page. Ülo on map here.
  • Mantel & Korsten is a newest place for owners of popular restaurants Moon and Kolm Sibulat. I have eaten just desserts at Mantel & Korsten (after having a lunch at a nearby 7ürti), but the place with such pleasant decor got to my list right away. On the restaurant’s own website you will find everything you need to reserve a table or view more pictures. Mantel & korsten on map in here.
Ülo ravintola Kopli-kadulla Kalamajassa

Don’t give up yet! The list of the best restaurants in Tallinn still continues

  • 7ürti is also a newcomer in the area, close to restaurant Salt. I’ve eaten at both, but I liked 7ürti more: lunch menu reasonably priced and food really tasty. Super friendly service and cozy decor. Pictures on my site. 7ürti on the map.
  • This restaurant was shortlisted on Silverspoon’s Estonian restaurant competition: Anno was one of the 2018 finalist for a good reason! It’s in a small old house near the harbor (map). Family run restaurant doing really good job: food, service, wine selection and interior design. It seems to be very popular, so at least for the weekend evenings without a reservation there is no way getting a table. Restaurant’s own pages here, lots of pictures on my site.
  • I noticed R14 thanks to it’s great Facebook marketing. They publish every weekday an attractive post of the day’s lunch, which, in addition to its beautiful look, is also very reasonably priced. In addition to it’s skilled kitchen, the R14 looks spectacular. There is also a wine bar and a shop in the same space. Pearl of the Rotermanni blockCheck out their Facebook page. R14 on map.
  • My first visit in Parrot Minibar was when it had just opened, and I couldn’t get a table from any of my old favorite spots. It was a lucky coincidence, because Parrot immediately took a place in my heart. The food concept differs from the usual one, I recommend a tasting menu. Icing on the cake is a speakeasy, to which you need to ask for an access. Such fun experience! Check out their menu on their Facebook page. Parrot Minibar on map.
Ihana tapetti mantel & korsten ravintolassa
Ravintola Korsten Tallinnassa

Tested and proven

My best restaurants in Tallinn page is getting so long, that now I continue with shorter summaries of some other places I like. For one reason or another they have not made it to all time favorites, but I can still recommend them.

  • Restaurant Radio (map) took my heart right away on my first visit. Great kitchen and really nice atmosphere. See photos of this cozy restaurant, wine bar and shop in here.
  • Lee Resto’s combines local incredients and traditional Estonian cooking to international, even Asian vibes – with great success! Map link.
  • Mon Repos: Villa on the edge of Kadriorg Park (map link). Upstairs Chef’s Kitchen Tasting Menus, a’la carte on the ground floor and outdoor terrace during the summer. Downstairs tested once, want to get back soon.
  • Kalambuur is so small I almost missed it. Happy I didn’t: those blinis! Here on map.
  • Paju Villa: taxi, bus or a car ride to the outskirts of the town (map) is totally worth the effort. Dining experience! Check out the pictures from last summer. So pretty!
  • Väike Rataskaevu is like Rataskaevu 16, but smaller. On the map here.
  • Salt (map) is small and tasty, so a reservation is a must. 
Ravintola Tabac kutsuu viihtymään

That’s nine. Still three more to go:

  • Mimosa: outside the city (here). Very reasonably priced, good kitchen. Check out the pictures.
  • Kolm Sibulat: guaranteed good food in the corner of Paldiski maantee and Telliskivi street (map).
  • Frenchy: a French bistro in Telliskivi (here).
Taidetta Toormoor Tallinnassa
Taidetta Supelsaksad-kahvilan seinillä
juur ravintola ulemiste tallinna

Juur is in the Ülemiste area, near the airport. Too far away from the city to get to the list of all time favorites, but a place worth a visit because of its stylish interior and special location. The colorful pictures above that are from Toormoor and Supelsaksad.

Henna’s Tallinn: the restaurants I haven’t tested yet

I’ve made another Google map, in which I save restaurants where I would like to eat. There are more than 100 entries, which speaks it’s language on how interesting restaurant city Tallinn really is. You can save it and start wading through at your own pace. Here are a few, the list is being updated all the time.

  • Kärbes
  • Tallike ja Pullike
  • Rull
  • Pirosmani
  • And the list goes on, as there is even new places opening at regular bases.

Fancy pants and fine dining

Then there are, of course, the crown jewels of the city’s restaurants: White Guide top spots, which often succeed in Silverspoon competition as well. These are almost all to myself yet untested, because I have so far focused a little less expensive places. One at a time, yes I am going to eat in these – but have to come up with the money for it first!

  •  180° in Noblessner area (map). Hight expectations on this place: I have even heard gossips about possibilities for the first Michelin star in town. EDIT: we had a nice 10 course menu in here. Liked, but not loved. Definitely worth trying though if you’ve got the money. 
  • Second floor of Mon Repos. The first floor I have tested, and very much liked. Mon Repos on map. pays me if you do. With this money I can keep working on this site. Thank you so much for your support!

Want to find all the best places in Tallinn? Save these links as well!

Tallinnan parhaat kahvilat


  • Deborah

    Wonderful list Henna ! Couldn’t agree with you more about V Vegan Restaurant…also in the same vegan genre is Tru Kitchen on Kopli…with a lovely brunch menu too! Yes to Kohvik Boheem as well…they also have wonderful photos on display there now, to make you feel just generally better about life!

    • Henna

      Couldn’t agree more with you, Deborah! Vegan V is just downstairs from my apartment in Tallinn, and their beetroot tortellinis are one of my favorite dishes in the whole city! And yes, the pictures in Boheem are soooo nice! Makes the colorful place even more full of color. And let’s hope Tru opens up again. It hasn’t yet so far after the corona lockdown.

  • Bill

    Hi! Thank you for the post it´s great! I am going for just one day so what would you suggest in order to try something local

    • Henna Mikkilä

      Even though it’s really difficult to recommend just one place I’d say Rataskaevu 16. Or Leib resto. They both have local and seasonal ingredients and really good kitchens.

    • Henna Mikkilä

      There is quite many in this list – which one? Or all? That’s quite alright too. I do like them all.

  • Tarja Malka

    Hei Henna!
    Mistä ravintolasta on blogin ylin pääkuva? Olen käynyt suurimmassa osassa suosittelemistasi paikoista, mutta kuvan paikka on ihan viera minulle 🙂 Terveisin Tarja

    • Henna Mikkilä

      Hei Tarja! Tuo kuva on viihtyisästä – ja todella herkullisesta – Paju Villasta Nõmmelta. Yksi parhaimmista ravintolakokemuksista Tallinnassa. Täällä paikasta enemmän kuvia ja juttua.

    • Henna Mikkilä

      I have. It was nice, but not quite good enough to make it to the list. The service was a bit unfriendly and slow, and food was good but not great. Might have been just bad luck that time.

  • Inga

    Hei! I am wondering why you d´not mention the best of the best – NOA? Actually there are no substantial price differences between high end and good restaurants and no reason to overlook top restaurants.

    • Henna Mikkilä

      Hi Inga! Thank you for your feedback. I’ve written a whole post of NOA a long time ago… the thing is though, that I did not enjoy NOA as much as many others seem to. I have not eaten on the chef’s hall, maybe I should test that some day. But to me the prices really were to high. All starters way over 10 euros is quite steep to my taste. That’s why it’s not on my list.

    • Henna Mikkilä

      Sad news… today I was in Tuljak (same owners as NOA), and wasn’t too happy about that either. So sad, as the place looks absolutely amazing.

  • lucideons

    Hi Henna!
    Thank you for your time to go through such an enormous task. Tallinn is really packed with restaurants and it is difficult to figure and sort out the best ones and your given criteria are perfect in searching. So, now we know and from a Tallinn living citizen. One of my favorite is Pirosmani in Mustamäe.
    Appreciated your effort and your blog 🙂

    • Henna Mikkilä

      Thank you so much for your kind words – I really appreciate it! And thank you for the Pirosmani tip. It’s been on my Must Visit list for a long time, but haven’t taken the time to go there. I just visited Veski Kõrts and found that quite interesting, too.

  • Jaanika

    Dear Henna! What a great list of good places in Tallinn! And thank you for being at restaurant Mon Repos first floor. Whenever you’re planning to return to try out the Chef’s Floor please let us know so we can show you everything our historical villa beholds 😉 We look forward to your visit!

    • Henna Mikkilä

      We definitely want to experience the Chef’s Floor, as I’ve heard such amazing stories about it. You’re definitely doing great job. We’ll meet again soon, I’m sure!

    • Sissi

      Thank You for the article! Quite agree with Your restaurants list, only thing I can’t understand why did You translate Kolm Sibulat in the way You did- Three Sibulas, like one part is in English and second “sibulas” is not in English nor Estonian. Three Onions sounds better, but people wouldn’t find it by this name as correct one is Kolm Sibulat 🙂 Cheers!

      • Henna Mikkilä

        Thank you so much for that correction – I’ll change it right away! And thanks for the kind words, too. I’m happy to hear you liked my listing. Any good ones missing? I’m always happy to go and test new places, too.

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