Ristikheina kohvikin aamupala Kalamajassa

Breakfast in Tallinn

Posts regarding breakfasts in Tallinn are the most popular ones in my blog, so it’s time to put all the best breakfast spots together.

While staying at Airbnb the breakfast is usually not included in the price of the stay, and not always in the hotels either. Even a day tripper may want to start one’s day at the breakfast table. That’s why I gathered all the places where I think there is a good breakfast in Tallinn – or a nice atmosphere to sit down, even if the breakfast itself isn’t great.

Make sure you check my list of best restaurants in Tallinn as well. 

aamiainen ravintola crussa

Breakfast in Tallinn: old town

Breakfast is served in hotels, but also in cozy cafés and restaurants. Breakfast in Tallinn is a great way to start your day’s adventures!

Generally, breakfast places in Tallinn open around nine o’clock (hotels earlier), but sometimes it is worth sending a message and checking the opening hours of the day you are going for breakfast. The opening hours might vary, and the information on Facebook or Google is not always correct. 

August is number one in Old Town

See the pictures of the funky café August! All-day-breakfast, every day. Open from 8:30 on weekdays, from 10 am on weekends. Augustin’s own pages here, and a map link here. EDIT: August in closed for now as they are looking for new location. 

Cozy Must Puudel

Must Puudel opens every morning at 9 am. Food might not be the best in town, but the interior so cozy retro that I still like to visit every now and then. Take a look at my post of Must Puudel (text in Finnish): it’s like a collection of living rooms from the 70’s. Must Puudel’s FB pages here, and here’s a map link.

Surprising member of the list: Von Krahli baar

I think this is one of the nicest bars in the old town, but so you know why it’s also on my breakfast in Tallinn list? They do serve breakfast as well – all day long! Doors open every day at 10, but if you are not the earliest of the birds, this is one nice and less known alternative. Web site and map link to Von Krahl bar.

Von krahli baar tallinnassa

Many hotels in old town serve breakfast for walk-ins

Cafés and restaurants usually start serving breakfast nine o’clock, at the earliest at eight, but if you want an early start, you should head over to a hotel breakfast. They are often available to non-residents as well. So the breakfast in Tallinn list continues with hotel breakfasts:

Excellent restaurant Cru

I think Cru has one of the best value for money of hotel breakfast in Tallinn. You are welcome to go there even if you don’t stay at the hotel, but it may be a good idea to send a message beforehand to make sure you’ll fit in. Cru also has a wonderful summer terrace: see photos here. Breakfast is served from 8 am to 11 am. You can contact them via their fb pages, a map link here.

Breakfast starting already at seven: Merchant’s House

The Merchant’s House Hotel also offers breakfast for outsiders. This is my favorite of hotel breakfasts, because the price is only 10 euros, and the doors open at 7 pm (7:30 at weekends). As of April 1, 2019, the price will rise to 14 euros, but from April onwards there will be a sparkling wine every morning and the range will be expanded as well. You can contact them via their fb pages, and here’s a map link.

Note: for Sooloiluja blog readers Merchant’s House gives DISCOUNT of the breakfast price if you mention the name Sooloiluja at the reception!

Another early breakfast: Meriton hotel Garden

Even here breakfast starts at 7 am each day and the price is reasonable 12 euros. However, the breakfast room not as cozy, so it has no place as my favorite. However, points for the early start! 

Breakfast at St. Petersburg Hotel at Golden Piglet Inn

Here, breakfast costs a bit more than other hotels on the list (€ 20), but selection may be a bit wider, too. It’s decor is not a favorite of mine, but it’s on the list because the doors open early: every day at 07.00. This place is here, close to Town Hall Square.

Breakfast in Tallinn: places close to the Freedom Square

Historical Wabadus

In addition to the delicacies found on display, breakfast can be ordered from the menu. Opening at 9 am during the week, at 11 am on weekends. Breakfast menu here and map behind this link.

Tuum cafe downstairs of the Art Hall

The Tuum (somewhere also called KuKu Café) favored by artists and other cultural people opens at 7:30 on weekdays, at 10 am on weekends. Breakfast is mainly panins, but I love the reasonable prices. Website and map link.

Viktus and it’s poached eggs

Viktus is about 5-minute walk from the Freedom Square. It’s only open from Monday to Friday from 9am. Check the pictures on my blog post. On Viktus’ own page the menu (only in Estonian), and here’s a Google Map link.

Another early breakfast in Tallinn: hotel Von Stackelberg

The Von Stackelberg Hotel is about a 10-minute walk from the Freedom Square. It offers breakfast for EUR 15 for non-hotel guests. I myself have not tested the place yet, but I put it on the list as breakfast is served everyday at 7 am and on weekends from 7:30 am. Link to Google Map here.

telliskivi: ravintolat, kaupat ja näyttelyt

Breakfast in Telliskivi and Kalamaja

As Kalamaja and Telliskivi areas are becoming more and more popural, you should also check out the breakfast offer in these areas.

Ristikheinä is number one

And right in the beginning I go outside the area mentioned in the title: Ristikheinä is namely in the Pelgulinna area. In my opinion the best place for breakfast in the city. Check out the pictures in my blog post (text unfortunately in Finnish). Opens at 8 am on weekdays and at weekends at 9. Ristikheinä’s own website and a Google map link.

Popular classic F-Hoone

It sometimes starts to be even too popular (i.e. very crowded), but I still go there every so often – especially for breakfast. Open every day from nine. Check out the pictures of F-Hoone and Telliskivi. F-Hoone’s website and map link.

Reval Cafe and Fika in Telliskivi

Both of them are still untested by myself, but because Fika has the bread of an incredible Kotzebue bakery (see what an incredible place it is!) and Reval opens at weekdays at 8 am, the both are included in my list.

Ristikheina kohvik in Pelgulinn

Levier opens early

Levier opens as early as 7:30 am during the week, Sat and Sun at 10. No actual breakfast menu, but absolutely wonderful croissants and other pastries. Take a look at the photos of this place in the basement of an apartment house. Facebook pages and map link.

Boheem is a classic

Boheem near Balti Jaam Market has reasonable prices and a good breakfast. Doors open at nine on weekdays and 10 o’clock at weekends. Fb pages and map link.

Other places in Kalamaja

Røst-leipomosta voit ostaa leipää mukaan tai syödä paikan päällä

Breakfast in Rotermanni and midtown

There are plenty of rental apartments in Rotermanni and Mere Puiestee, so there is certainly a lot of people looking for breakfast in the area as well. My own apartment (available on Airbnb as well) is in a different part of the city so I don’t visit these places often – that’s why most of them are on the list based on other people’s recommendations.

Røst and it’s famous cinnamon buns

Good coffee, croissants or buns – that’s what Røst is serving. And a stylish looking crowd sitting close to each other. Opens at 8:30 pm, Saturdays at 9:30 and closed on Sunday. Website and map link.

Carmen Cafe is a favorite place for many

I have not been here, but so many have praised it so I’ve included it in the list. This breakfast in Tallinn is served daily at 8 am, on weekends from 10 am. Carmen Cafe can also be found at Kentman, near the Freedom Square. Here’s Carmen Cafe’s Fb pages. You can find Rotermann’s Carmen here and Kentmann here.

Two local favorites in Sibulakylä

Both have reasonable prices and lots of local people instead of tourists. One is called the Sõõrikukohvik, and the other is Tere Pere Cafe. Sõõriku is traditional in a fun way, Tere Pere more trendy and modern. Map link to Google.

Kohvipaus opens early on weekdays

Kohvipaus starts serving breakfast already at seven – but only on weekdays. The place is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so this place doesn’t serve the weekend tourist. Websites and map link.

Pekonia ja parmesaania puuron päällä

Breakfast in Kadriorg area

I’ve written a longer post of breakfast places near the harbor – unfortunately only in Finnish, but check out the pictures or use Chrome translate to read the text as well. Here is a summary:

NOP is organic and popular

NOP’s breakfast is quite special compared to many other places. There are some really interesting stuff on the list, for example great healthy shots and smoothies. See pictures of NOP in here. Opening at 8 am on weekdays and nine at the weekend. Website and map link.

Faehlmanni is one of the very best

That’s why I’ve written a post of it’s own, see photos of this cozy place. Doors open every day at 8 during the week, at 10 on the weekend. Local’s favorite. Facebook pages and map link.

Other breakfast places in Kadriorg area

  • Vesivärava café opens at 7:30 on weekdays, Saturdays at 8 and on Sunday at 10. Very reasonably prices. Vesivärava on the map.
  • Gourmet coffee knows how to make coffee, and making breakfast goes well too. Doors open at 9 am, Sat and Sun at 10 am. You can find it in here.
  • Katharinenthal’s pastries are so good! No breakfast menu, but croissants and the kind are suitable for breakfast. On Mondays closed, the other days the doors open at nine. This oasis can be found here.

Breakfast elsewhere in Tallinn

Sometimes you might want to go to areas that are less familiar. These couple places are popular with the locals and offer an early morning meal far into the evening.

Kohvik Grenka is really popular

Prices are affordable and the portions large. Lots of local people. Opens on weekday at eight and weekends at nine. Website and map link.

Kuusk Hernesto 

A cozy neighborhood restaurant with breakfast at 9 o’clock and at 10 on Saturdays. The place is closed on Sunday. Facebook page and map link.

Want to hear more?

Breakfast in Tallinn is a nice way to start your day, but of course there is so much more to discover!

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