Vegaani Tallinna ja vegan inspiratsioon

Vegan Tallinn is delicious – and there is so much to choose from.

Vegan Tallinn – is a vegan able to have a feast just like an omnivorous person? I’m often asked about tips on vegetarian and vegan restaurants, so it’s time to put all the best places together. The list is regularly updated, so please comment if you can’t find your favorite. It would be great to have all the best places in one post!

Vegan Tallinn: Old Town

Vegan V

The classic in vegan Tallinn. Full points for friendly service and cozy interior decor. Food, however, varies a little. Sometimes it’s absolutly heavenly (eg. beetroot tortellinis), while some other times a bit meh. However, everything is 100% vegan. More pictures and moods from Vegan V here. Vegan V on the map here, website here

Vegan Inspiratsioon

Vegan Inspiration on Lai Street near Oleviste Church is a fun bohemian place where I often have a breakfast. Good opening hours: every day from 9am to 10pm. Map link here and web pages here. 


Vegan Studio Toormoor was earlier at the Balti Jaam market, but moved to cozy premises on Sulevimägi in the old town. Opens every morning at 8:30, so it’s perfect for breakfast. In addition to café delicacies and breakfast dishes there is also wraps, soup for the day and much more. Lovely interior! Here you can see pictures of the place. Toormoor on the map and on the web.

Vegan café Lisanna 

Small cafe on the outskirts of the old town. Wonderful bar Botaanik is in the same house. More about Botaanik on my Speakeasies in Tallinn post. Lisanna is a café where everything starting from the syrups is hand made. Small eats and heavenly coffee. Lisanne’s Facebook pages here.

Toormoorin tuorekakku
Von Krahli Aedin takaosa
vegaani tallinna vegan tallinn inspiratsioon

Von Krahli Aed

All dishes have a vegetarian and a meat/fish alternative. Upon request they can be prepared vegan as well. Friendly and helpful service, so your wishes are usually filled with a smile. Take a look at some pictures (text in Finnish) here. Von Krahli Aed next to Vegan V, here, and the website here

Not vegan, but exellent vegetarian menu: Ribe

We ate the vegetarian tasting menu in Ribe. Even though it wasn’t vegan it was so tasty I wanted to include Ribe in my list. I understood however, that by advance notice the dishes can also be made vegan. Nice vegetarian alternatives at the a’la carte menu. Ribe is on Vene Street here, and the menus can be found here.

Lovely Parrot Minibar is also vegan

Parrot Minibar is such a different restaurant experience that you have to experience it for yourself. Tasting menu is the best way to get to know Parrot’s kitchen skills. The whole menu is not vegan, but one of the great tasting menus is. Parrot’s own pages can be found here, on the map it is here


One of my favorite places in the old city, Frank, also knows vegan cooking. Frank is both a bar and a bistro. See photos of atmospheric Frank here. Frank is on Saunakatu, and here you click yourself to their website. 

Karu Talu when the sweet tooth aches

Karu Talu is not a restaurant, but a small shop and a café. It’s so delicious – and completely vegan – that I’ll take it on the list anyway. If you want to have a sweet after a meal, Karu Talu is a great place to quench your sweet tooth. Their vegan “Snickers” is so good that it is almost impossible to walk past the place without going in. Karu Farm is here, on a small side street next to Raekoja Plats.

Vegan V on herkullinen ja edullinen
Von Krahli Aedin annos

Vegan Tallinn: Kalamaja, Telliskivi and Pelgulinn


This tiny little place cannot be recommended because of the inviting interior design or particularly friendy service, but because of the food! The vegan curries in Pelgupaik are among the best in the city. You can find Pelgupaik here, and peek at the menu in here


The place is in a very central location in Kalamaja. It’s got a stylish decor and is owned by nice young people. Even though my meal was nothing really great (nothing wrong with it either) it probably was an exception as Elujanu seemes to be very popular. Elujanu is here, and here you can check out the menu.


Lovely Ülo is not vegan, but a vegetarian restaurant that also serves some meat and fish. Many dishes can be prepared vegan, and there are many on the menu as well. Here is a lot more pictures of the place. Ülo on the map here and on their Facebook page you can see the menu and opening hours. 

Kaja Pizza

I was delighted to hear that my favorite pizza place Kaja also has vegan pizza on their menu! Here’s a lot of pictures of Kaja, check out the menu and opening hours here … and if you don’t know where Kaja is, then check out the map.

Vegaani Tallinna vegan tallinn: elujanu
vegaani ravintola ulo

Kolm Sibulat

Great Kolm Sibulat is not a vegan restaurant, but I heard that they are very positive for vegan customers. Kolm Sibulat has such a great kitchen that it’s definitely worth testing. The restaurant is located at the corner of Paldiski maantee and Telliskivi Street, here. Look at the menu and other facts on their website

Veg Machine

Here I have not visited myself, but have heard so much praise that I take it on the list. Veg Machine’s meatless burger is said to be best in the city, so it must be tested. This street food spot can be found at Balti Jaam Market. I couldn’t find the menu online, but you can find some info on their Facebook page.


Also Tokumaru is still untested by me, but I’ve heard glowing comments so I took it without hesitation on the list. Tokumaru can be found at Balti Jaam Market, but also at some other addresses. Check out the locations on their website.


Moon is such a great restaurant that I took on this list after hearing they’ve also got a very positive attitude towards vegan diners. There is vegan options on the menu, and you should also ask the friendly staff. Moon is on a small side street in Kalasadama, and you can find the menu in here.


Umami also belongs to restaurants that are not vegans, but which offer a lot to eat for vegan customers. New Umami can be found in here, close to the restaurant Moon in Kalarand. Umami’s own web pages for the menu and opening hours in here.

Nop kohvik tallinna aamupala
Nop kohvik tallinna aamupala

Vegan Tallinn: elsewhere in town

Most of these places in other parts of Tallinn I have not tested personally yet. There’s so much to choose from, and always too little time! I list however all the ones I have heard praise of.

NOP is a classic near Kadriorg

NOP is more than just vegan, but the emphasis is on organic and vegetarian, so there is a lot to choose from for a vegan as well. NOP’s brunch is very popular. It’s not from the cheapest side, but high quality costs. NOP is here and their website here.


A small vegan take away place near the Tallink D-terminal and the popular Kochi Aidad restaurant. No seating, so the best idea is to call and order, and then collect it from the pick-up point on the third floor of Lootsi Center. Menu and other info (in Estonian) here.

Vegan Italy

I include this place in the list based on the recommendation of a member of the Tallinnatärpit Facebook group. I hear their specialty is an Italian vegan sausage. On the map this place is here. Would be nice to hear your comments if you have visited this place! 

kaja pizza köök tallinnassa

Go and test these ones as well!

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback after sharing this post to vegan and Tallinn groups in Facebook. Based on the comments I add these places that have just been opened, just opening up or being not tested by myself. So if you visit these, leave a comment! The name of each restaurant is a link to their own pages.

  • Restoran Plant in old town 
  • VegB12 on Balti Jaam market
  • Mac&Roll
  • I hear Burger box next to the Balti Jaam market has really good  falafel burger
  • Tru Kitchen in North Tallinn on Kopli street
  • Roosa Kaun is a café and cocktail bar in old town 
  • Koma close to the restaurant Kolm Sibulat is vegan friendly have I heard
  • Vigri kohvik in Piritta. I’ve understood it’s open only on summer time.
  • I’ve made a post on Odeon, but unfortunately only in Finnish. Lots of pictures though. I heard a vegan eats very well in there, too.

Still hungry? Take a look at these lists as well:

Vegetarian and vegan food is also found in other restaurants, so you should try the best eateries in town and see what vegan options they have on their menu.

tallinnan parhaat ravintolat


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