Salakapakka Tallinnassa ei ole vain urbaani legenda. NIitä on!

Speakeasy in Tallinn – urban legend or true story?

I lift veil of the secrecy right away: yes, there is speakeasy in Tallinn. And once started let’s push the curtain wide open: there is not just one, but many secret cocktail bars in Tallinn! None of them really advertise themselves, so you just have to trust me and read on.

Not quite a speakeasy, but wonderfully atmospheric Botaanik

I was planning on going to Bar Botaanik already much earlier after seeing some extremely attractive pictures of it. I even made a table reservation, but my travel companion got tired after a long day of sightseeing, so Botaanik had to wait until my next trip.

When I finally arrived on my following trip (after making a reservation again), the owner rushed to the door greeting me cheerfully “you are probably Henna. It’s wonderful that you finally got to come”. It felt so nice – and VIP!

Bar Botaanik on niin pieni, että se on melkein salakapakka Tallinnassa
Salakapakka Tallinnassa? Bar Botaanik on yksi ihana vaihte-ehto
Salakapakka Tallinnassa? Bar Botaanik on yksi ihana vaihte-ehto
Salakapakka Tallinnassa? Bar Botaanik on yksi ihana vaihte-ehto
Salakapakka Tallinnassa? Bar Botaanik on yksi ihana vaihte-ehto
Bar Botaanikin drinkit ovat kauniita ja todella hyviä
Botaanikin baarimestari oli aivan omaa luokkaansa

And the evening night continued in same moods – and according to my observations to all guests. The owner/bartender of Botaanik is an extremely likeable (and skillful!) guy who conjures up wonderful drinks, chats with guests and takes care of everyone’s enjoyment.

As Botaanik is not an actual speakeasy (even though it is a very invisible place along a quiet street), I dare to share these images.

Except for small snacks, there is no food in this speakeasy in Tallinn. Botaanik really is a genuine cocktail bar. What makes Botaanik special is, that all infusions, extracts and juices are self-made. Drink flavors were really intense. There’s a lot to choose from, so it’s a good idea to tell your hosts about your preferences. Our favorite ones were really exciting beetroot… something. Could have been some sort of sour. And another wonderful cocktail was basil-based… again something. I don’t even remember the name, all I remember was the delicious taste!

A genuine speakeasy in Tallinn: Whisper Sister

I had read and seen pictures of Whisper Sister, so of course I got to get in and test it. I like the speakeasy vibe with music from prohibition era and calm atmosphere when no continuous stream of people running in and out of the doors. And also because at least those I have visited have serve really wonderful cocktails.

Whisper Sister on salakapakka Tallinnassa
Ihanaa tunnelmaa salakapakassa Tallinnan keskustassa

So we’re heading to the address I’ve got … but what? We stand at Pärnu highway rolling our heads. Isn’t there really any sign that there is a bar here? No music can be heard, or any other sings either. No-one goes in or out. Are we even in the right place?

Luckily I had saved the phone number I found on the web earlier. Quick call and avot, things start to pan out! A friendly voice responds, and says she’s coming to pick us in from the street. It was a weekday night, so luckily we get a table without a reservation. That would probably not happen on weekends. So if you’re planning on going to Whisper Sister, I recommend a reservation.

Whisper Sister on salakapakka tallinnassa
Hienoja yksityiskohtia salakapakka-tyyliin
Ihania drinkkejä Whisper Sister -salakapakassa Tallinnassa
Speakeasy ja bootlegging ovat salakapakan teemasanat
Lemon pie -drinkki oli suosikkini. Hyvä Whisper Sister!
Whisper sister salakapakka ja sen mukava ja taitava baarimestari

And in order not to spoil too much surprise, I don’t want to tell you more! I’ll share a few photos, but otherwise I will leave this on these facts:

  • A speakeasy in Tallinn called Whisper Sister does exist.
  • You can find it on Google maps as well.
  • A table reservation is a good idea
  • Cocktail prices around ten euros. That is not super expensive, but of course not cheap either, because when a place does not offer food but just drinks, they have to make the living on cocktail prices. We thought it was well worth it!
Whisper sister salakapakan drinkkilista eli drink menu

Spekaeasy number two: Parrot MiniBar

From Parrot MiniBar I don’t want to share photos at all, because both the entrance and the atmosphere are so cool that everyone should go and experience it themselves!

What I can tell you however, that Parrot MiniBar is also a restaurant. We have once eaten an extensive tasting menu, and it charmed us completely. Wonderful, diverse, tasty little pieces were put on the table one after another – and the interior really catches the eye.

But about this speakeasy in Tallinn…

  • table reservation strongly recommended
  • if you have not done such thing it still might be worth walking in, and asking if there happens to be room in the bar… 
  • Live piano music when we’ve been there. I think we got lucky though: I don’t think there is a pianist on location every night. 

Speakeasy in Tallinn: there is even more!

But other than these three I have not visited myself. However, I have read (and attached to my list “Henna’s Tallinn: to be tested“), at least a place called Dissident Cocktails & Curiosity. And this is what you can really call a speakeasy! It’s in the middle of a warehouse area where you wonder around until the host comes out to pick you in from the dark into light. Sounds so exciting I really must get there one day!

Have you heard perhaps about others? I would love to test if there are more speakeasys in Tallinn. The atmosphere of these secret gems attract me. Tell your experiences if you have visited any of these – or even know some other ones!

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Salakapakka Whisper sister Tallinnassa

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