Viimsi burger kitchen on tallinnan paras hampurilainen

Best burger in Tallinn – where?

There is no point arguing about taste – or is there? The question of the best burger in Tallinn is sure to provoke at least a lively debate, as there are many chefs and many styles. One wants a lot of mayonnaise in the burger, the other enjoys the aromas of a charcoal grill.

Of course the best burger in Tallinn is a matter of taste. One can argue, or at least suitably debate about it. I open the conversation by telling my favorites places.

However, I will not stop there. In fact, I also asked the members of a Facebook group Expats in Tallinn for their favorite places. I got a lot of good tips, so at the end of this page is the results of that survey.

Barrel street food ruokalista
Ravintola josta ruoka voi loppua kesken on OneSixty Tallinnassa

But let’s start with my favorites, but first into the criteria:

The best burger in Tallinn: on what grounds?

Already familiar with my list of top restaurants in Tallinn? If not, you can take a peek here … as long as you promise to come back. In addition to the taste of food, this list is based on milieu and other factors.

I used certain criteria when listing the hamburger places, but they are not quite the same as in restaurants. Burger is a food that is often eaten casually and quickly, so the comfort of a place, for example, may not be as important as in a dinner restaurant.

So here are some of the criteria:

  • I lived in the United States for a long ago, and still like their way to make burgers. So, for me, mayonnaise is not an integral part of a hamburger.
  • Good bread, on the other hand, is. My number one choice is brioche-type bread, but other tasty rolls are also good. Instead, the grocery store’s pre-cut burger roll rarely fulfills my criteria.
  • The beef should be medium or even rare. This will surely divide us into different camps, but my camp sure likes the juicy type of beef.
  • Tallinn’s best hamburger is also one that you can eat with your hands. If it is stacked so high that a fork and knife are needed to eat, I’m afraid there is a person in the kitchen who does not understand the essence of hamburgers.
  • I don’t usually eat fries with my burger, so I don’t judge their quality here.
OneSixty ravintola Tallinnassa on smokehouse jonka seinässä lukee Renard
Pictures: One Sixty

Best burger in Tallinn: Henna’s favorites

So it’s time to list my favorites. Let’s go!

One Sixty sure knows bbq

There is only one burger on the menu of One Sixty, so there are not many specialties available. Except pulled pork sandwich which is also really tasty. Served with tasty cole slaw and fries. The beef has the taste of charcoal just as it should. You can find their own pages here, and One Sixty on the map is here. Lue siis tämä juttu

Is the best burger in Tallinn after all in Jahu?

Jahu Street gourmet knows both hamburgers and pizzas. Jahu went straight to my list of best pizzerias, and they also deserve to be one of the top spots on my burger list. Unlike One Sixty, Jahu has a wider selection of different hamburgers. I was especially fond of its truffle burger. The full menu can be found here and you can see it on the map in here.

Jahu: Tallinnan paras hampurilainen?
Pictures: Jahu Tänavagurmee

Uulits at three different addresses

I have tested only the one on Soo-street. But based on that, I dare recommend the place. Although the bread is not brioche, the burgers I ate a few times had so much flavor that Uulits deserves a place on my list. There is a lot to choose from on the menu, and at least the ones I’ve tasted have been really good. The price level is nicely Estonian, ie affordable. Soo Street Uulits is here, the rest you find by googling.

Barrel Street Food is the home of gourmet hamburgers in the suburbs near the beach

This is a peculiar place: a liquor store next door, and not much more. Barrel has done well in some Estonian restaurant competitions, so I decided to go and test it. I’m glad I did. I found a decent burger place. If you want to explore the map, Barrel is in the Pelguranna area.  

Barrel street food pelgurannassa
Barrel Street Food is a rough little burger spot in the Pelguranna area.
Uulits: Tallinnan paras hampurilainen
Uulits: Tallinnan paras hampurilainen

Uulits on Soo Street is a cozy quarter restaurant.

If Burger Kitchen has the best burger in Tallinn, the place is actually Viimsi

I went here recently after hearing this place winning it’s category in the Estonian Silverspoon restaurant competition. It sure was a tasty burger, so Burger Kitchen deserves a spot both on this list and as a Silverspoon finalist! Take a look at their menu in here, and a map link to Viimsi here

Newest: Patarei Burger in Noblessner

I almost forgot to mention this new place: Patarei Burger in the Noblessner area. Surprisingly positive experience! The lunch deal was reasonably priced, and the Indian-inspired chicken burger I ate was so tasty I placed it on my favorites list right away! Look here for their menu. Here you can find it on the map.

Patarei: tallinnan paras ravintola
Patarei: tallinnan paras ravintola

Patarei Burger in Noblessner is the newest addition to the best burger in Tallinn list.

The best burger in Tallinn: these are the ones that others recommend

My list now goes on with Tallinn’s hamburger spots recommended by members of the Expats in Tallinn Facebook group. The list is long, so each one has just the name which is also a map link:

viihtyisä baari saunakadulla tallinnassa
Frank is cozy and good burgers are reportedly made there.

There is more lists!

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