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Coziest cafes in Tallinn

My super popular list of best restaurants in Tallinn gets continuation. Now it’s time to list all the nicest and most comfortable cafes in Tallinn.

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How to get to my list of best cafes in Tallinn? These are some of the criteria to make it to my list:

  • The café has nice atmosphere. Cozy lighting, nice furniture, good music. The same things can also be a hinder for getting to the list: if there is no right mood, there is no way getting to the list.
  • Service. I think it is important for a café to have friendly service. However there are some places on my list where the friendliness of service varies a bit, but the other benchmarks are fulfilled so well that in this respect I am ready to stretch my criteria a bit.
  • Reasonable prices. I understand, of course, that rental costs can be high for a café with a central location, so reasonableness can be a bit stretchy concept.
  • Pastry deliciousness and coffee quality. Unlike on my restaurant list, there are some places in my café list where there are hardly any delicacies other than high quality and well-prepared coffee.

That’s the criteria. This list is broken down by neighborhood.

Kahvilat Tallinnassa: Caffe Carissime
Kahvilat Tallinnassa listalla myös Carissime

Café Carissime on the Müürivahe Street in the Old Town. That’s a new acquaintance that isn’t on the list yet. However I got in the post as a picture, because it is so beautifully decorated.

Cafes in Tallinn – Old Town

  • Cafe August is not only a cafe but also a restaurant and bar. With its retro-style décor it’s so cozy it got easily to my list of best cafes in Tallinn. At the back, the staircase goes up to the small upper floor, where a cozy sofa group waits invitingly for visitors. For more pictures on August click yourself to Sooloiluja blog, August’s own web pages here.
  • Chocolats de Pierre is an institution. I think it is more than many other cafes in Tallinn: a sight and an experience. This is the place where the service can sometimes be a bit icy, and there is no table serving like in many other places in Tallinn. Nevertheless I end up sitting in the atmospheric café of Pierre time and time again. Old jazz, delicious pastries, soft armchairs and cozy table groups: that’s all what Pierre is made of. Meistrite hoov (see pictures here) where this café is located is one of my favorite areas in the old town. You can find Pierre’s website here.
Kohvik August Tallinnassa

The café August in the old town is one of the favorites in my list of Cafés in Tallinn. See more pictures in here, so you might get an idea why I like it so much.

  • Every now and again there is appearing new cafes in Tallinn: a newcomer to the old town cafe map is the cupcake café Tassikoogid. The place is a sweet pink dream decorated with furniture from the Riviera Maison. The last time I went there for coffee, I spent time with Michael Bublé and other Christmas swingers. Fits me! Their Facebook pages give you a more accurate view of the location and opening hours.
  • Kohvik Rukis in the bustle of Virukatu is one of my favorite cafés. There you can have a breakfast every day of the week, and also the selection of pastries is charming. The small minus is that the door goes densely especially during the cold season, so choosing a table in the rear can be a good idea. The kitchen also makes salads and light meals. Get all the information you need from their website
  • Kehrwieder Saiakang Chocolaterie – a long name, a cozy café. This is not at the forefront of my list of best cafés in Tallinn, because the service is sometimes a bit icy. However, the interior is so atmospheric that it is sometimes nice to sit in here anyway.
Balti jaama torin vohvelikahvila
Vegan kohvik Toormoor

Balti Jaamin torilla on muutamakin pieni kahvila. Lue täältä, mitä muuta Balti Jaamin torilta löytyy!

On the outskirts of Tallinn old town and near it

  • Vabadus is especially nice in the early spring and late autumn, as its terrace is warm on a sunny afternoon, although otherwise it would still/already be cool. Inside, there are great pictures of this café decades ago: Vabadus existed already when cafes in Tallinn were a rarity. Vabadus is also included in my list of best breakfasts in Tallinn.
  • Next to Vabadus, another pretty cafe is Tuum. Is not a superstar of my list, but a nice place downstairs of the Art House.
  • The Livingroom cafe on Pärnu Maantee Street, in the basement of a dark stone house is very bohemian and very small. Apparently this is a kind of student cafe. I thought they just serve coffee, but afterwards I realized on their Facebook pages that something to eat would also be available. Livingroom gets to my list because the caramel latte made from coconut milk was so good that I still remember it with warm heart.
VIktus kahvila ja ravintola Talllinnassa
The Viktus is tastefully decorated, but in a place not necessarily lost in a basic tourist trip. See more photos here! 
  • Viktus kohvik is in a place where one rarely goes past. However, if you go to the National Library, this cozy café is nearby. I’m having Viktus on my list because I have eaten the best poached eggs in the town for breakfast in there. The café’s own website here, photos in my blog in here
  • Kohvik Komeet is located on the fourth floor of the Solaris Shopping Center. It’s a little wonder that a café in a shopping center gets to my favorites list, but Komeet makes an exception. The windows have handsome views, the dishes are excellent and in summer the roof terrace is one of the finest in the city. On their web site you will find opening hours and other information.

Cafes in Tallinn: Kalamaja ja Telliskivi

There are many cafes in this area, so I try to be succinct

    • Koloniaal is a small and bohemian local favorite. Photos in my blog, their own Fb pages here
    • Levier Kohvik is famous for its macrones, but other pastries are delicious as well. See photos here and check out the opening hours here
    • Sesoon is both a café and a restaurant. One of the city’s most famous brunches. There is nothing in the blog yet, but you can check their opening hours on their own site.
Bekker Koplissa

Bekker became one of my favorites at the first visit, as the pastries are delicious and the service is charmingly sympathetic.

  • Now we go a little further from Kalamaja, because Bekker is a bakery and a café in Kopli. But if you go to a flea center or a vintage shop in this area, you should definitely visit this place, too. There probably is opening hours on their site
  • Ristikheinä kohvik is my favorite throughout Tallinn! Wonderful atmosphere, great breakfast and delicious pastries. Pelgulinn district residents’ favorite. See here how Ristikheinä looks like, and check out the opening hours and information here.

Cafes in Tallinn: Kadriorg and Rotermanni

I’m still trying to tighten up my text, as there seems to be so much to tell… let’s continue to the other side of the old town, to Rotermanni and Kadriorg.

  • My favorite in this area is Faehlmanni. Many locals seem to think so, too. Here are pictures of Faehlmanni.
  • Another favorite place of mine is NOP. It is much more than just a cafe, but one looking for coffee and goodies should definitely head there. Click here to see pictures of NOP and look here when it is open.
  • Katharinenthal on the edge of Kadriorg Park is popular – and no wonder! On my last visit I ate a apple bun so good I almost fainted. Information can be found on their own website
Røst-leipomosta voit ostaa leipää mukaan tai syödä paikan päällä
  • Røst is a super-popular café and bakery in the Rotermanni quarter. Trendy crowd and wonderful fresh bread smell = nice combo. Here’s lots of pictures of Rotermanni, opening hours and addresses on Røst’s website
  • In Rotermanni you also find Carmen Café, which I have heard a lot of positive of, but which I have not yet personally tested.
That’s it! I’d love to get feedback and comments. Are your favorite places in? Any ones I should add?
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