viinibaarit tallinnassa: Tiks

Wine bars in Tallinn – so many to choose from!

Do you like the wine bars in Tallinn? I do! The décor is often cozy, and music is rarely played too loud if it is at all. I’m clearly old, as a calm discussion is more my thing than, say, jumping up and down in front of a stage and in a club gig.

So it’s the wine bars! And in Tallinn there is plenty of them. I haven’t had the time to test every single one, so the list will be updated. Please comment if there is any of your favorites missing!

viinikauppa Kadriorgissa Tallinnassa
Pan y vino Olevisten kirkon vieressä Tallinnassa
Viinibaarit ja kaupat tallinnassa: Tiks

Wine bars in Tallinn’s Balti Jaam area

I’ll start my list of wine bars in Tallinn here, because three of my favorites are almost next to each other at the beginning of Kopli Street, next to the Balti Jaam Market.

  • Vabrik Vinoteek is a fairly newcomer among the wine bars in Tallinn, but one to my favorites right away. I liked the Vabrik because the super knowledgeable and friendly service we got. The decor and atmosphere were also to my taste, and a good playlist was a nice bonus. We bought a few moderately priced wines that proved to be excellent when tasted at home. Vinoteek Vabrik can be found here.
Viinibaarit tallinnassa: Vabrik
Viinibaari ja kauppa tallinnassa: Vabrik
Viinibaarit ja kaupat tallinnassa: Vabrik
  • I love the rabbit in Tiks wine bar! Yes. There is a huge rabbit from Alice in Wonderland drawn with a chalk to a black wall. For a visualist like myself it alone would be a reason to like Tiks. I’m not a great wine expert, so I’m not going to evaluate the quality of the wine selection in Tiks store. Instead, I can tell you that the shelve with bottles for less than six euros may be of interest to who ever is looking for wines with reasonable prices. Here’s a map link.
  • The Time to Wine Wine bar and shop has a fun concept: you pour a glass (or some) from taps that work with a plastic card. Finally, you pay the card balance. 18 different wines available, plus small snacks to go with the wine. Shop seems to have nice selection, but I’m not the right person to estimate the price-quality ratio. One of my favorite wine bars in Tallinn.
time to wine in Tallinn
time to wine in Tallinn

Pictures above are from Time to Wine, and the ones below from Tiks. Cool places both!

viinibaarit tallinnassa: Tiks
viinibaarit tallinnassa: Tiks
Viinibaarit Tallinnassa: Tiks Kalamajassa

Wine bars in Tallinn old town

Wine bars in Tallinn Old Town? Of course! The biggest concentration is on Lai Street. My Lai street wine bar tour is still in progress, so I can’t tell my first-hand experience from all. Of these I can:

  • Pan y Vino. At the base of Oleviste Church, there is a small bar and a wine shop of two charming gentlemen. We ate wonderful tapas and had nice inexpensive house wine. Lovely atmosphere!
Viinibaari Pan y vino
Wine not? wine bar in Tallinn old town
  • Another place I like to visit is at the other end of Lai Street. The name is Wine Not? and it is owned by a really friendly Portuguese guy. In this small space, I have had fun conversations with the multi-national customer base and the the host. Focus on Portuguese wines. If the owner is there, and your going to buy more than just a couple of bottles you might want to ask for a discount. Wine Not? sent me the picture above – shows well the vibe of the place.
  • The owner of a model agency – and a model herself – Beatrice Fenice has made a private restaurant and a champagne bar in her old town home. You can’t really see Mull to the street (map link here), so it’s like a secret club for those who know its existence. Atmosphere like nowhere else. Beatrice is a charming hostess!

Wine bars, where I’m just popped, or who are still completely untested:

  • Vinotheque MarcoVino. I’ve visited just once really quickly. Nice looking small place that deserves a repeat visit before I estimate more. This is on Lai Street as well.
  • The Pazzo on Pagari Street near Oleviste Church is probably excellent, as the owners of the excellent restaurant Leib are behind this bar. I have not had time to go in there yet but I’ve heard nothing but good about this place, so it is on my list even without testing.
Viinibaarit tallinnassa: Pan y vino

Other wine bars in old town Tallinn

  • Paar Veini on Sauna Street. The selection is nothing special, but the place is inexpensive and cozy, so I enjoy sitting in here every now and then.
  • Vinoteek Veinipesä on Viru Street upstairs of Talukõrts restaurant that serves traditional Estonian food. I had heard praise, but the place left us a bit cold. I’ll have to visit second time before saying more.
  • Gloria Veinikelder. I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this place, but have not visited myself. Please let me know your experiences at the comment field in the bottom of the page if you’ve been!

Other side of town

On the other side of the old town, from the area behind the Viru Center, you can find at least this:

  • Radio is one of my latest discoveries. A superb restaurant with a Wine Shop at the front. The range of wines sold by the restaurant is so wide and affordable that it meets the definition of a wine bar. I wrote my own story about the restaurant because I fell in love with it so much (text in Finnish, but nice pics of the nice place).
Radio ravintolan kaunis sisustus
Radio ravintolan viinilista
viinikauppa Kadriorgissa Tallinnassa

Two homey places in the  Rotermanni quarters

  • R14 is a stylish space with a good kitchen and also a small Wine Shop and Bar.
  • Haven’t visited Flamm-restaurant yet, but want to urgently go, because I’ve heard nothing but good about.

Look more pictures of Rotermanni in here. Definitely an area worth exploring!

Flamm-ravintolassa on viihtyisää

Read these to find the best spots in Tallinn!

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