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Best terraces in Tallinn. Please summer come already!

Best terraces in Tallinn: there is so many of them! Therefore, grains should be able to be distinguished from chaff. Which ones are the creme de la creme of the places for a perfect drink outdoors?

Sitting on the terrace is not binge drinking of beer, but enjoying sitting outdoors and the summer atmosphere with a nice glass or two.

The action-packed terrace life might have been my thing sometimes when I was younger, but after moving up the age ladder, my taste of the terraces has also changed quite a lot.

That is why I would like to tell you my dear reader what I think are the best terraces in Tallinn. Maybe you appreciate the same things, and therefore your choice of a summer oasis might be the same as mine.

Terassit Tallinnan vanhassa kaupungissa: Ore

Oressa on tyyliä ja tunnelmaa. Löydät sen Sulevimäeltä vanhasta kaupungista.

Best terraces in Tallinn: the criteria

  • Stylish and comfortable furnishings. Except in the case there is an exceptionally spectacular scenery – then I am ready to turn a blind eye to the furniture. But if the landscape doesn’t compensate for plastic chairs and tables, sunshades with logos and other junk, I’d rather choose someplace else to sit.
  • Quiet location. I usually do not enjoy the noisiest terraces. Umph, umph, umph … no need for a bass amplifier. Here, too, I can make an exception if the sun warms the place nicely, but in general I prefer a bit more peaceful place to enjoy glass of ice cold white wine.
  • Prices are not sky high. I do not pay eight euros for a basic beer in a plastic cup. And by the way, I don’t drink from the plastic cup anyway.
  • The service should be friendly open air, too. Sometimes the smile of the staff has been crippled by the flow of tourists, but then I will not go there.

And, as my previous lists (the best restaurants in Tallinn, coziest cafes and the best breakfasts), I can make an exception in some respect when the other criteria are met with flying colors.

The terrace season is on its way, so here are the step marks to the sunny world of drinking outdoors!

Tallinnan terassit vanhassa kaupungissa: von krahli baar
Tallinnan terassit vanhassa kaupungissa: Ore

The inner courtyard of the Von Krahli baar and the street terrace of restaurant Ore are the nobles of the best terraces in Tallinn list.

Tallinnan terassit: Varblane

Best terraces in Tallinn old town

  • Von Krahli baar’s courtyard. The rays of the sun does not reach this small oasis, but on a hot day it’s a wonderful place in the inner courtyard of my favorite bar.
  • I got to know Stenhus restaurant just a short time ago, such a nice acquaintance! It was also nice to find the terrace in the courtyard. Just the two of us sat there in the heat of the last summer, so not manyterrace hunters have found this place. Green, stylish and atmospheric.
  • Ore’s terrace at Sulevimägi. High quality restaurant, so the terrace is not a cheapest one either. But if not cheap, the place is definitely cool with it’s fine drink menu. Quiet street, peaceful terrace, great service.
  • Leib resto ja aed. Leib’s magnificent garden is a green oasis in the heart of the old town. It is primarily reserved for diners, but especially later in the evening and sometimes at other times you can also sit down for a drink or two.
  • The terrace at Manna la Roosa is not very peaceful – just about anything but. However, I took it on my list as it’s so wildly furnished. I also like Manna la Roosa’s selection of drinks.
  • Courtyard of restaurant Cru. Beautiful narrow space where atmospheric lamps illuminate the darkening evening. I’m not sure if they accept one coming only for drinks, or just diners. Worth asking!
Terassit Tallinnan vanhassa kaupungissa: leib resto ja aed

Leib resto ja aed restaurant may have the most atmospheric terrace in the old town.

Terassit vanhassa kaupungissa: Mekk
Tallinnan terassit: Varblane

The terrace of the Mekk restaurant is also cozy, even if you did not get to the list. Varblanen did get in it, because its gazebos charmed!

Tallinnan vanhassa kaupungissa ravintola Stenhusin terassi

Best terracces in Tallinn: around old town

  • Varblane near the Freedom Square and Harjumäe Park is an elegant terrace that not many have noticed. Gorgeous gazebos and cozy sleeping sofas.
  • There is not many tables on the terrace of Vabadus Café. It’s a warm place to sit when the sun is out, but when the wind or low temperature makes other terraces too freezing to sit in.
  • The terrace of the Café Komeet on the roof of the Solaris Shopping Center is one of the most spectacular – and most popular in the city. Great views of the old town.
Varblane-baarin terassi
Telliskivessä terassi Lendav Taldrik

Terraces in Tallinn: Telliskivi and around

  • Pudel’s sunny terrace is warm, even when it’s not warm enough to sit outside elsewhere. Even though the bar is focused on beers, their best sellers among people sitting outdoors is prosecco and spritz. 
  • I have not taken the time to sit down on the terrace of Lendav Taldrik restaurant, but it looks so inviting – and big – that I take it on the list.
  • The Kivi Paber Käärid restaurant also has tables outside. There is so good food and uncomplicated service that this terrace is definitely included in the post.
  • The terrace of the F-Hoone is in no way particularly comfortable, but so in the middle of Telliskivi’s hustle and bustle that I took it on the list. 

And then a couple of terraces that are not yet open but I look forward to:

  • Roof terrace of the Fotografiska Museum. You heard it first here: Fotografiska Tallinn’s terrace becomes the most beautiful of the city – and the most popular! I’ll update the information as soon as the place opens in mid-June 2019. Read the story of Fotografiska and other favorite places for a friend of photography.
  • Rahva Raamat bookstore and café. This terrace is not yet open, but it is at such a location that the afternoon sun will warm it wonderfully. I’ll tell you more as soon as I know something.
Telliskiven F-hoone

Best terraces in Tallinn’s Kalamaja and Kalasadama

  • Former Klaus is now Umami (see the pictures of the old Umami here). The terrace is just as brilliant as before: one of the few ocean-view terraces in Tallinn. Must visit destination of the summer. If you happen to get a table.
  • Café Boheem’s terrace near Balti Jaam Market. Boheem is hipster-Tallinn’s first fort, and it has held up even though there is so much to choose from nowadays. The Boheem terrace is warm, so even though it is right next to the tram tracks and the street, you want to sit there especially early in the spring and late autumn.
  • Ülo’s terrace is sheltered – and popular. Good restaurant, so you should eat here as well. And see more pictures in here!

Read these to find the best spots in Tallinn!

Tallinnan terassit vanhassa kaupungissa: Stenhus

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